Modular Objects for Tangible User Interfaces. Developed in 2008 at the >Neuroinformatics Group, >Bielefeld University.
Published on Pervasive 2008 [pdf]

Tangible interaction is a possibility to add digital functionality to arbitrary physical objects and becomes more and more a field of active research. Most applications in this field rely on physical objects in different forms that can be recognized by the hosting computer system. rendered objects TUImod is a modular system of physical objects with different features. It supports fast prototyping of tangible user interfaces by providing a broad range of elements that can easily be assembled into a variety of objects exhibiting different features. TUImod objects in action The strength of this system lies in its modular structure, allowing a huge number of object designs. TUImod objects combine the following three element types: User Interface Elements (UI) determine the object's identity in the user's view; Physical Functionality Elements (PF) add physical functionality to the object; Computer Interface Elements (CI) determine the object's identity, position and orientation for the computer. You may contact us to get more information on the building process or to get a copy of the files to build your own TUImod objects.

TUImod video.