Durcheinander—Understanding Clustering via Interactive Sonification

Modular Objects for Tangible User Interfaces. Developed 2007/2008 in cooperation of the >Neuroinformatics Group, >Bielefeld University, with >Kulturwissenschaftliches Forschungskolleg, Köln.


@inproceedings{bovermann2008-dur, Address = {Paris, France}, Author = {Bovermann, T. and Rohrhuber, J. and Ritter, H.}, Booktitle = {Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Auditory Display}, Month = {June 24 - 27}, Title = {DURCHEINANDER---UNDERSTANDING CLUSTERING VIA INTERACTIVE SONIFICATION}, Year = {2008}}


In this paper we present Durcheinander, an interactive system designed to support learners in understanding agglomerative clustering (AG) processes. This datamining approach is mainly used to unveil structural relations in high-dimensional datasets. Durcheinander operates on a two-dimensional dataset comprising of the positions of 20 or more objects located on a tabletop surface. Changing the objects' location causes the system to compute an updated dendrogram that represents the actual dataset. If the dendrogram's configuration differs substantially from its predecessor, a spatial sound event that represents the internal structure is rendered in realtime and played back to the users by a multi-channel audio system surrounding the table. Replaying that configuration is possible by knocking onto the surface.
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Durcheinander video.
[Credits go to Henrik Niemann for filming and Eckard Riedenklau for cutting]